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10 Odd Features Of Canada For Immigrants

When we live in a location, we typically adjust as time goes by. Then, we neglect what initially seemed odd or curious. Here, we propose what many immigrants shocked when they first showed up in Canada. When you are going to Canada please keep in mind: eta visa.

1. Milk guaranteed

Perhaps Americans do not find it unusual when we see milk bags up for sale in a Canadian supermarket, but people that come from other countries such as the United States and Australia, and even from the Western Canadian districts, do. It is odd. Because in these places, milk is marketed just in a cardboard box or in a plastic bottle.

2. The Clamato

This beverage is a blend of rehydrated tomato juice, flavors, and also clam broth. It is widely eaten in cocktails. Lots of Canadians are fans of it. For the large bulk of people (other than Americans and also Mexicans), this beverage is fairly weird.

3. Canned “veggie juices.”

Comparable to Clamato, tomato-based drinks mixed with other vegetables, such as V8 as well as other brands, are extremely taken in by people who usually favor to consume them at lunch to replace salad consumption. While this kind of product is known in lots of nations, a lot of people had never tried it prior to showing up. It is interesting to recognize that numerous newcomers do not like its strong tomato taste.

4. The “shelters” for the automobile

Relying on where you live, lots of people pick to maintain their vehicles inside. They frequently develop shelters for lorries.

5. The mix of systems of procedure.

Although Canada is a nation that has actually applied the International System of Units considering that the end of the 1970s, in the 21st century, many individuals are still culturally rooted in the use of “imperial” units.
Maybe, because of their distance to the United States, that are still utilizing them. It is typical to listen to that individuals weigh themselves in extra pounds, gauge themselves in inches, as well as tell you how warm or cool the water in your swimming pool remains in levels Fahrenheit.

6. The number of individuals who make use of drugs

For lots of people that show up from various other nations, the use of drugs is not typical and also is as well frowned upon. But below, it is typical to find them in several areas (consisting of apartment) that hefty smell, witness to its usage (*Source: how long can you stay in Canada) .

7. A significant nation with couple of individuals

Canada is the second-largest nation in the world after Russia. Nevertheless, it has just 36 million residents spread throughout the country. Entire Canada has less individuals than the Tokyo-Yokohama metropolitan area (Japan).

8. Milk appears like water

Allow’s proceed discussing this beverage. People from France and Latin America concur that milk sold in Canada is pure liquid and also has no cream. It is something various from what we usually see in our native lands.
This results from the means they refine it right here, where they first skim it extensively, co-opt it, and then add part of the fat drawn out (and likewise co-opted) to take it to the preferred percentage of the sale.

9. Autos (normally) stop to allow people with

For those of us who live here, it is typical, and also it is part of the legislation to do so. Nonetheless, for those that initially go to, it is unexpected exactly how chauffeurs quit to give way to pedestrians. It is seen as really courteous.

10. Individuals are really distracted when passing the street

Because of the above, lots of people presume that all drivers are mosting likely to quit. They do it without looking nearby.

Intriguing Facts about Canada

Canada got established being a country when the British North America Act got passed by the British Parliament on 1st July 1867. Since that time, Canada has been renowned for therefore many things. In this article, we shall give insight into a number of the exciting realities of this country. To grasp some knowledge, you may need to read on. The intriguing details include the following;

Picture by eta Canada status

1. Famous Celebrities

Each sector has celebrities, and Canada is renowned for having produced some of the significant famous people in the world. In the entertainment industry, stars like Justin Bieber, James Cameron, Celine Dion, Rachel McAdams, Jim Carrey, and William Shatner originates from Canada. We likewise have Paul Anka, Rush, The Barenaked Ladies, Avril Lavige, Bachman Turner Overdrive, and Alanis Morissette representing the rock and rollers sector.
Canada is also not left behind in songwriting and music. A number of the amazing songwriters and musicians like Nelly Furtado, Chantal Kreviazuk, Leonard Cohen, Shania Twain, and Robert Goulet result from Canada. A number of the books you love reading just like the Lives of Girls and Women, Anne of Green Gables, and The Handmaid’s Tale got compiled by famous authors from Canada named Alice Munro, Lucy Maud Montgomery, and Margaret Atwood consecutively. The country also has some of the best artists just like the Group of Seven and inspirational speakers like Terry Fox and Rick Hansen.

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2. Crazy Geographical Facts

Did you know that Canada ranks number 2 as the biggest country worldwide? In New Brunswick, the highest tides ever recorded happens right here. Also, after Moscow, Ottawa, Canada’s capital is the second coldest location in the world. The country has three territories and ten provinces. Weighed against additional global countries, Canada boasts from the longest coastline. After Paris, france, Montreal includes the next largest city that talks French. Also, the total populace of Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton, and Montreal is over 1 million.
With an area of 40,570 km2 in St. Elias Mountains is situated the world’s biggest nonpolar field. 16,900 km2 get located in Canada. Also, fifty percent of Canada gets covered with forests, contributing to 1/10 of forests found in the world. The country is also the home of the world’s longest freshwater seaside called the Wasaga Seaside. What’s interesting about Canada may be the reality that despite it becoming the second biggest in the world, it has a low inhabitants where every three people live in a rectangular kilometer.

3. Canadian People

81% of the Canadian people lives in the cities. Around 160 kilometres towards the Canadian US boundary, you will see approximately 90% from the Canadian human population concentrated there. People of age range 15 – 64 form 68.5% of the full total Canadian population. Those with 65 years constitute to 15.9% of the total population. 17% of the Canadian inhabitants smokes daily. Generally, the Canadian people are friendly and peaceful.


Though Canada includes many interesting facts, those explained above are among the major ones. Whether you are a foreigner or a Canadian citizen, the above information will amuse you.

Surprising Australian Culture facts

Surprising Australian Culture facts

Australia is one of the most significant nations on the planet, frequented each year by a lot of people and being on everyone’s mouth for a lot of reasons. But how much do you think you know about Australian culture? When you have any queries, here we provide you with some amazing Australian Culture facts.

Aboriginal in Australia

Aboriginal Australians have inhabited the nation for more than 40,000 years, but despite this, they are an extremely small percentage of the country’s population.

Percentage of Australians born in other places

It is a multicultural country, which accommodates people from over 200 nations, therefore it is not surprising that there is a great number of Australians born in other spots. Its culture is rampacked with cultural exchange.

Almost all European powers passed through this country

First they were discovered during sporadic expeditions of the Spaniards as well as the Portuguese, to then be conquered by the Dutch and finally pass to English rule, which left the best cultural mark in the land. So much so that even now they belong to the Commonwealth.

They take good care of the surroundings

Almost all species of fauna and flora in Australia are endemic, so the citizens of this land take good care of the environment. Since child years they are instilled a love for nature and creatures that is rarely seen in other parts of the world, so it is one of the best spots for ecofriendly tourism

Female vote

They have been a very feminist nation, simply because they were the 2nd on earth to allow the female to vote, in 1902, just after New Zealand, one of their neighbors.

They really like casino games.

Australians are the people in the world who have the best taste for casino games on earth, considering that 80% of the population has a really definite taste for these games.
Australia has two national anthems. The authorities once is called Advance Australia Fair as well as the unofficialis called Waltzing Matilda, and was written at the end of the 19th century by Banjo Patterson. From 1788 to 1984 the official anthem was God Save the Queen, the British anthem.

80% live close to the coast

Regardless of being a nation with very gorgeous natural scenery, in Australia the truly great area of the country is an arid desert where water is hardly located. That is why the vast majority of Australians live nearby the sea, also to enjoy the beaches, which are the very best in the world


This fact is not entirely confirmed, but some experts think that the particular Australian way of pronouncing English is because the ancestors of today’s Australians consumed lots of alcohol and, therefore, this accent is the derivation of The method of talking of a drunk person.

Canberra is the capital

Sydney and Melbourne, two of Australia’s most significant metropolitan areas, fought for a long time to be the capital of the country. Their fight was so fierce that another metropolis, Canberra, ended up being named capital to avoid a clash between these two.

It is the capital of sport worldwide

Australians are known throughout the world as the individuals who practice sports the most, considering that more than 70% of the population practice sports. So that they have something to teach in terms of physical activity all over the world where sport is practiced so little.

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Alcohol consumption

In Australia you add a lot of alcohol. The truth is, it is stated that the Europeans who lived in Australia in previous decades were the population that consumed the most alcohol in history.


After learning all of these cultural facts, we hope that you’re more interested in learning about Australian culture, which is so rich and thus open to receive the rest of the cultures.